Effective home remedies to remove upper lip hair

Effective home remedies to remove upper lip hair

If you have allergic reaction after threading done on your upper lips in the beauty parlor, home remedies will be safe option. Some ingredients available at your kitchen will be effective in creating in packs that removes your hair over your upper lips naturally. You can easily get a wonderful transformation from hair filled skin to hair less skin with a wonderful glow over your skin. Following are some of the home remedies to remove upper lip hair.

Home remedies to remove upper lip hair

Lemon juice and sugar

Take a bowl and mix 30 grams of sugar with the lemon juice freshly squeezed in the sugar granules. Add some water and use the spoon to mix the ingredients well to form a mixture. Now apply it over the hair formed area in the direction from where the hair started growing. This pack needs to been kept for a period of 15 minutes.  Now use cold water to remove it and do not forget to rub the black with finger before washing with water.  Both lemon and sugar granules will work as an exfoliating agent which will easily remove the hair forming in your upper lips naturally.

Gram flour

Gram flour or besan is very well available in Indian kitchen as people generally use it to make a coat over the fried items. Research has proved that, this also has a wonderful effect on skin to bring a natural glow without any cosmetics. Today, an easily way of facial hair removal pack can be made with a combination of gram flour as well as lemon. After mixing both the ingredients you can see the color forming yellow color fluid. This needs to be applied on your face and be kept for a period of 15 minutes. Now you need to scrub the pack in the same direction from where the hair starts growing.

Honey and lemon

You must have honey at home as this is needed to make variety of healthy food items in your kitchen. Not, you can create a lovely mask which will remove your unwanted hair from face. Take a container and pour 40 ml of honey in it. Now pour half slice of lemon juice in it and mix it well with the help of a spoon. Now pour cotton and apply over the portion of your skin where hair growth is visible. Give just 15 minutes and then remove it. You need to carry on with this process two times in a week in order to create hair free layer on your skin.


Turmeric can give you a wonderful result to remove unwanted hairs from your face especially above your upper lips. Take a small bowl and add some turmeric powder in it. Now add water such that it does not become too much liquid or too much thick. Rather, make a proportionate mixture. Apply it over your face where you have upper lip hairs in thicker coat. Wait for almost 30 minutes till it becomes hard. Now pour little water and slowly wash it away by rubbing with fingers. If you can do this repeatedly for 4 weeks, you would hardly get the growth of upper lip hairs.


Waxing will remove unwanted hair from your skin but that too might be quite painful ladies especially all those who never have tried waxing before.  But sugar is a natural ingredient which will not only give you relief from pain that arises from usual waxing but also is naturally formed which has no side effects at all.  For this, you need to take a spoon of sugar in a small pan and heat it for a minute’s time. Add lemon juice with this as well and see whether a thick liquid is formed.  You need to apply this thick mixture over your upper lip once it is cooled down. Once it settled down cover the area with a piece of cloth. Press it and pull it from the bottom. You can see the unwanted hair coming out in the cloth invariably.


You must be having flour at home as some delicious homemade recipes can be made with the help of dough formed with the flour. You will be surprised to note that, this particular ingredient also work well in removing hairs. Take a spoon of flour and add a pinch of turmeric and milk in it.  Mix it well and create a thick paste. Apply it over skin in such a way that it covers your skin completely. Once it is dry, peel it off and see the result. You can easily get a beautiful skin without unwanted hair over your face with the easily natural way of hair removal.


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