Fifteen Amazing Hair Spa Treatments At Home



But do you know that you may also get rid of this problem if you just take one simple step?

Yes, by doing a hair spa at home once or twice a month will give you great and effective changes. You don’t even have to spend thousands of bucks at the spa or wait for an appointment. Here are the guidelines. Follow the instructions carefully and you are good to go.

Homemade Hair Spa Treatments:

1. Olive Oil:

The usage of olive oil along with the very popular turban therapy is a very good way to do hair spa at home. For a good spa treatment, you have to take some olive oil in your hands and then start massaging your hair with it like you always do. Make sure you massage your scalp really well and your hair also gets enough of the oil till the end of the strands. Now when you are completely done, take a cotton cloth, dip it in very warm water and now take out excess water by twisting it. Now cover and wrap your head completely with this warm towel and let it be for about 10- 15 minutes. Repeat this a few times with two towels for alternative usage. Now you an shampoo your hair and you do not have to use any conditioner since the olive oil will do the work better.

2. Avocado:

We know how good avocado is for your healthy hair with all the nutrients it has in store. Now we shall know about how to do hair spa at home with avocados. To make an avocado hair mask, you need about two big avocados and a big spoon full of honey. Now make a paste of the avocados and add the honey to make a proper mask. Comb your hair and untangle all knots out there. Then apply the mask evenly through your hair and then let the whole thing rest for about half an hour. After this you can just wash your hair and rinse it properly with a mild shampoo and normal water. This will give some extra smoothness and shine to your hair.

3. Eggs:

The best and most available protein for your hair are eggs. For the best homemade hair spa, there can be nothing better than eggs. A hair mask with eggs heals a lot of hair related problems as it nourishes the hair and also makes it smooth. For this, you need to take one egg and then whip it with good amount of coconut oil which should be enough to spread through all your hair and scalp. Now massage and apply this mask and follow it with turban therapy. When you have let it rest for about half an hour wash it off with a mild shampoo. Make sure you are washing your hair with cold water after you have applied this mask.

4. Bananas:

This fruit is a rich source of iron as well potassium and a number of other minerals which are very good for your health and also your skin and hair. When it comes to hair spa treatment bananas are an awesome way to nourish your hair. To make a good banana hair mask, peel a nice and ripe banana and then take a small cup of olive oil. You also need an egg white. Now blend these together in the mixer and now apply this to your hair. Let it rest for about half an hour and then wash your hair nicely with a good shampoo and conditioner. This spa mask is great for obtaining smooth and bouncy hair.

5. Honey and Milk:

For a good hair spa at home, this mask is one of the best and simplest as well. This is a good way to bring back the lost shine and volume of your hair and then feel good about your- self. For this you will need a glass full of raw milk and a large table spoon full of honey. Now stir the honey nicely with the milk and apply this to your scalp and hair well. You must also massage your scalp lightly and gently with this mask. Now let your hair soak this mixture. After some time you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo and there is even no need of a conditioner.

6. Coconut:

The fruit of coconut has a high content of saturated fat in it and this helps in very deep conditioning of the hair right from the toot to the tip of each strand. For this you do not need coconut oil separately but coconut cream which already has the oil in it. Now let us know how to hair spa at home with coconut cream. For this you will have to scrape the coconut and then grind it in a mixer nicely to make it of a creamy consistency. Now just take it directly and apply to your hair and scalp and massage nicely. After this you have to follow the turban therapy for about at least half an hour. Then you have to wash your hair with a good shampoo and then let your hair dry naturally without blow dry.

7. Yummy Strawberries:

Just like you love strawberries, your hair craves for it as well. Yes! Strawberries are awesome foods for a homemade hair spa. This is not really very hard but one thing you have to keep in mind is that you need fresh strawberries and not the canned ones for this. Take a few strawberries, two spoon full of olive oil, the yellow portion of one egg and now blend it well to make a paste. Now apply this paste evenly all over your head and hair and let it rest for about 15- 20 minutes and then wash it off nicely.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar:

When your hair has become extremely frizzy and unmanageable with the pollution and dryness outside, you are ought to go through bad hair days regularly. Now it is obvious in this busy schedule that you are not having time to go to the parlour and get a hair spa treatment but now it is possible simply at home with just some apple cider vinegar and plain water. Take equal amount of both of these and now put them inside a spray bottle. Now shake the spray bottle nicely to mix both. Spray this solution nicely all over your hair and then keep it for just 5- 6 minutes and wash it off to get instant smooth hair.

9. Beer:

You must be surprised how useful the life of all happening parties can be. Beer, which is a hot favourite, is also a favourite of your hair and your hair loves it on the weekends as well. Now just relax and get a hair spa at home easily. What you will have to do is very simple. Just oil your hair the previous night and wash it like you always do with a mild shampoo. Now let the hair be wet and now pour beer over the scalp and hair and keep massaging with your fingers gently. You are to do this hair treatment just once a week and not more than that.

10. Cucumber:

Here comes one more for the dry and frizzy hair. Cucumbers are real good conditioners for the hair and also act as a coolant for them. For a mask out of cucumber you need to get pieces of one cucumber, one egg white and some olive oil. Now just blend these together and apply it like any other mask. Let it rest for about half an hour and then rinse it off nicely.

Hair Spa Treatments for Different Hairs:

Here are the special hair treatments for for your hair type and hair problems.

11. For Dandruff:

If you have severe dandruff, you can definitely follow this special routine. Take two tablespoons of henna powder, 2 spoons of amla powder, 2 tablespoons of reetha powder and mix thoroughly with water. Leave it for a whole our on your scalp and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. Make sure your hair has been oiled before you apply the hair pack. This will prevent the henna from leaving a colour behind. Try this twice a month to get great results.

12. For Dull Hair:

Take one tablespoon of honey and another tablespoon of fenugreek seeds which has been soaked in curd. Mix well and apply on every section of your hair. Keep for of 30 minutes and rinse with cold water. After you have done this, shampoo and condition properly and dry your hair with a clean towel. This will give you beautiful and gorgeous hair. However, remember to stay away from harsh chemicals and colours.

13. For Oily Hair:

If you have oily hair, you can do this hair mask towards the end of your massage. Mix some fresh aloe vera pulp with drops of lemon juice. Leave it on your hair for the next twenty minutes and then wash off with cold water.

14. For Dry and Rough Hair:

Take an egg and beat it. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and add another tablespoon of honey to it. Leave it for the next twenty minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Your hair will be beautiful and radiant after this.

15. For Damaged Hair:

If you have hair that is damaged, you should use this amazing hair pack in order to repair it. Take a ripe and fresh avocado and add a few drops of lemon juice. Leave it on your hair for the next fifteen minutes and wash it off thoroughly with cold water. If you use this hair mask twice a month, you are bound to see great results. However you can also try and trim your hair once a month to get rid of split ends and damaged hair.

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