Sliders Recipe – Low Calorie Sliders Recipe

Sliders, or mini hamburgers have gained popularity greatly in recent time.

Many may say that the idea of a slider, or a miniature sized hamburger, originated from the fast food chain White Castle located mainly in the eastern and mid-eastern United States. The food chain cooked up and served these tiny hamburger patties on a soft square shaped bun, called them slyders, and now mini-sized hamburgers share that same name.

Now you can find recipes for sliders that result in little hamburgers with all kinds of flavor varieties. If it is a small hamburger on a small bun, it is likely called a slider and is great for game day get-together, or a few of them make for a tasty meal.

These low calorie sliders are pretty straight forward and simple, and deliver delicious goodness. Top them with whatever toppings you wish, though we chose plain and simple lettuce, tomato, mustard and ketchup.



1 lb. 94% lean ground beef
1/2 medium sized onion, grated
1/4 cup plus 1 Tbsp ketchup, divided
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
8 1 oz. potato rolls
1 medium sized tomato, sliced
8 small leaves of lettuce


1. First, prepare the hamburger patties. In a large bowl, combine together the one pound of ground beef, the grated onion, 3 tablespoons of the ketchup, the salt, and ground black pepper. It is easiest to use your hands to combine the mixture really well at this point. Mix and combine the ingredients until the whole mixture is uniform. 2. Divide the mixture into eight even portions. The easiest way to do this might be to divide the entire mixture into two even portions.

Then, divide each portion into two more even portions, and continue until the entire mixture has been divided into eight portions. Use your hands to flatten each portion into a small disc shape. 3. Heat a grill or a large skillet over medium high heat. If using a skillet, spray it with non-stick cooking spray. Place the meat patties into the pan, and cook on each side for about 4-5 minutes until the middle is no longer pink. 4. Use a serrated knife to slice the rolls in half. Place the rolls, cut side up, on a large baking pan. Spray with olive oil based non-stick cooking spray, and then sprinkle lightly with garlic salt.

Place the rolls in the oven on the broil setting, and broil for one minute. Keep an eye on the rolls to assure that they do not burn. 5. Once the rolls are slightly crispy, place a hamburger patty on the bottom portion of each roll. Top the patties with a slice of tomato, a  leaf of lettuce, and a teaspoon of ketchup. Serve immediately. Makes 8 Sliders

Per Slider Calories  195, Fat 5 grams, Pro 18 grams, Carbs 17 grams.


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