Here’s How To Recognize Real And Fake Honey On The Market

People often buy honey from different grocery stores, just because they claim they sell pure and organic honey. However many people don’t know that there are two types of honey: real and fake. It is hard to identify and tell the difference between them if you do not know how to determine the purity of the honey you bought. You can check that in the comfort of your home. The question is: how? We present you a guide that can help you to check the purity of your honey by using simple tests. If you do not distinguish fake and real honey you will buy only bad products. However, because of the big request for organic honey, the grocery stores sell synthetic honey which is made in factories instead of real honey.

How To Recognize Real And Fake Honey

Why the honey which is produced in factories is bad for you?

Processed honey usually loses all nutrients during the manufacturing process. That is pretty normal for the process of filtration. This type of honey has low-quality. As reported by FSN different food industries usually make ultrafiltration of honey, because they want to stop the tracing of honey’s geographical origin by pollen examination.

Vaughn Bryant, a professor says that approximately 75% of honey that can be bought on the market has nearly 0% of pollen.

However, we will give you several tips and they will help you to make a difference between real and fake honey.

Fake honey

It is also known as artificial honey or adulterated impure. In this type of honey there are added sugar syrups, corn syrup, molasses, dextrose and different additives and flavors. One test suggested by GHgeochem, says that if pure honey is degraded with corn syrup, the ratio of the isotope will fall in-between the 2 values and that is how the degradation will be proved. This proves that different honey products which are claimed to be pure contain corn syrup.

Pure and real honey

Well we know that you expect this – real honey actually comes from bees and not from factories. The most usual references to pure and real honey are natural and organic honey. It is difficult to know if that or this is real or fake. You are going to need different tests which will help you to make a difference between the 2, because it is discovered that the products that you see in many stores aren’t actually the organic product you want to buy.

We will help you check the honey in your home:

Natural Nigerian says that most producers dilute the honey made with nectar by using sugar syrup and molasses just to increase their profits. In order to increase the honey thickness they add sand, flour, sawdust or in some cases ground chalk. Well, we will tell you what to do.

Test using your thumb:

This is the procedure: take small amount of honey and place it on your thumb. See if there are any spreads or spills around. If you notice any then the honey is not pure. If the honey is pure it will stay on your thumb intact.

The Water Test to Spot Fake Honey:

The water test:

Take a glass and fill it with water. Take 1 tbsp. of honey and add it in the glass. Artificial or adulterated honey is going to dissolve in water. Afterwards it will be around the glass. Pure honey is going to fall at the bottom of the glass.

Organic honey is flammable

This test will assure you 100% if the honey is organic

Use a dry matchstick. Dip the tip of the matchstick in the honey and try to light it. The matchstick will light easily and it will continue to burn off the honey. If the honey is artificial the matchstick won’t light because fake honey has moisture in it.

We present you other tricks that can help you to discover if the honey is pure or not. You can make them in your home.

This is another method that can help you to discover if the honey is real or fake.

In the honey add 2 to 3 drops of vinegar essence and a little bit of water. You will know that the honey is adulterated if the mixture becomes foamy.

Difference between fake and real honey:

If you examine the physical qualities of honey, you will easily discover if the honey is impure or pure. We present you some of the most important differences in properties which will help you to make a difference between them. It is easy to discover the impurities even though it could take some time and practice. These differences are going to help you to identify fake honey and help you to discover if the honey is real or fake.

Fake honey will easily make foam and pure honey won’t foam ever. Fake honey is runny and drips easily while pure honey is tick and can trickle only in stream. Fake honey has clumps and rough structure, while pure honey has a soft structure. Fake honey can separate in layers and pure honey could never separate. Fake honey can have a sour smell while real honey smells like honey.

You can easily get tricked by fake products which have no quality. Fake honey has many shortcomings and side effects and that is why you have to choose the real one.


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