Nine Amazing Benefits of Apples


If possible, buy green apples and be sure to also eat the peel to obtain more fiber and improve digestion, while also fighting fluid retention


Apples are the kind of fruit that you can enjoy almost any time of the year. Aside from being so delicious and versatile, they’re rich in nutrients that can provide incredible benefits to your body and overall health.

The main benefits are thanks to their very high content of antioxidant compounds and pectin, which help fight the damaging effects of free radicals while also stimulating your body’s natural detox.

In addition to this, apples provide a feeling of fullness when you eat them, so they’re highly recommended for people who want to lose weight but have trouble controlling their cravings for food.

There are plenty of other reasons why this fruit is one of the best choices you can make for incorporating into your daily diet. In today’s article we’ll cover nine of the most important benefits of apples.

1. Apples are good for your heart

Apples have a significant content of natural phytochemicals that act as powerful antioxidants when you eat them.

These compounds neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals that damage healthy cells and increase your risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

In addition to that, the soluble fiber contained in the peel reduces the absorption of cholesterol in your intestines and helps regulate digestion in general.

2. They eliminate fluid retention

Thanks to their high content of potassium, apples are a natural diuretic that fight fluid retention and many of the problems associated with it.

People who have inflammatory diseases or high blood pressure may also benefit from eating an apple a day.

3. They fight constipation and diarrhea

The high content of insoluble fiber in the peel of the apple helps promote regular bowel movements and wards off constipation.

Meanwhile the apple flesh contains a kind of fiber known as pectin, which promotes good intestinal transit and limits the amount of water that is lost through problems like diarrhea.

Also in the flesh of this fruit is a phytochemical known as tannin, which fights inflammation and is a natural antibiotic.

4. They promote dental health

When you eat an apple it stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth, helping to reduce the presence of bacteria that cause tooth decay and other dental hygiene problems.

While eating an apple can’t replace your regular toothbrush and toothpaste it can be quite handy on the rare occasion you find yourself without these items.

5. They can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Thanks to the antioxidant content in apples, drinking apple juice has been shown to be an effective way to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and premature aging of the brain.

6. They protect you against Parkinson’s disease

When you eat fiber-rich foods like apples it can play an important role in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder that is characterized by the deterioration of the nerve cells in your brain that produce dopamine.

Scientists believe that the presence of free radicals can also influence the development of this debilitating disease, so consuming foods that are high in antioxidants, like apples, may also be a factor in preventing it.

7. They decrease your risk of diabetes

The soluble fiber in apples helps reduce blood sugar in patients who are at high risk for Type 2 diabetes. Just eating one apple a day could reduce your risk by up to 20%.

8. They prevent the formation of gallstones

Gallstones form when you have too much cholesterol in your bloodstream, which prevents bile from helping to digest fats normally.

Unused bile solidifies into gallstones that can cause a variety of symptoms and significantly erode your overall health.

A diet that’s rich in fiber, both the soluble and insoluble kinds, fends off the buildup of cholesterol and significantly reduces your risk of becoming obese.

9. They detox the liver

When you eat too much unhealthy, high-calorie food you increase your risk of developing a whole suite of disorders related to an unhealthy liver.

Yes, your body has the ability to cleanse itself, but if you’re overloading its natural detox system this process becomes nearly impossible.

Fortunately, by eating apples or drinking apple juice every day you can support natural detox and keep your liver working properly.

Were you aware of these amazing benefits of apples?



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