78 ISIS members killed in Raqqa

As many as 78 ISIS members have been killed in clashes ongoing in 6 neighborhoods of Raqqa since yesterday and bodies of 30 remained in SDF possession.

The operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS, launched by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on June 6, continues at full force in its 73rd day.

Latest reports from Raqqa city are as follows;

12 ISIS members were killed and one bomb-laden vehicle was destroyed during clashes in Mansur neighbourhood east of the city.

In Rashid neighbourhood, 17 ISIS members were killed and another one bomb-laden vehicle was destroyed.

Another 7 ISIS members were killed in Rawda neighbourhood and SDF fighters destroyed a workshop where ISIS prepared bomb-laden vehicles against the SDF.

During the clashes in Nazlat Shehade neighbourhood, 29 ISIS members were killed and bodies of 27 remained in SDF possession alongside their arms and ammunition. SDF fighters also seized an ammunition depot of the gangs.

In Al-Diriyah neighbourhood 5 ISIS members were killed and bodies of 3 were seized by SDF, in addition to a mine-laden vehicle.

8 other ISIS members were killed in Al-Barid neighbourhood.

5 SDF fighters fell fighting and 4 others got wounded during clashes ongoing in six neighborhoods of the city since yesterday.

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